The Mall of Millenia

“Fall in Love with Hermes event”

We were invited by @sipandsavory to attend the “Fall in Love with Hermes” event with Four Seasons Resort Orlando at the Capital Grill… the brunch was absolutely scrumptious, we had butternut squash soup, salad 🥗 and grilled shrimp 🍤 over mushroom 🍄 risotto with a Bellini! After lunch we were escorted to shop at Hermès boutique. The chocolate 🍫 tarts with raspberry @hermes were so delicious that I wish, right now, at this moment, I had more🙀 Love everyone that we met, such beautiful beautiful sweet friends! Thank so much @sipandsavory and @fsorlando Can’t wait to attend more events with u!!❤️ #hermes #shopping #orlando #fourseasons 


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