Jiko – The Cooking Place & Boma Flavors of Africa

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

We have dined at both restaurants and highly recommend both. Jiko is a more upscale and Boma is casual, both are fantastic.

Favorites at Jiko: Grilled Buffalo Ribeye

Favorites at Boma: Everything and the Zebra Domes

Jiko – The Cooking Place | Walt Disney World Resort

Boma Flavors of Africa | Walt Disney World Resort

  • Jiko – The Cooking Place — This restaurant is located in Jambo House and features African-style cooking with influences from the Mediterranean coast, India and Europe. Jiko also features South African vintage wines. The restaurant was designed by designer Jeffrey Beers[6] and emulates an African lodge with a color palette in earth tones. The dining room surrounds an open kitchen which includes twin wood-burning stoves. The private Cape Town Wine Room seats up to forty guests and showcases a collection of wine-based sculptures Jiko means “a cooking place” in Swahili, thus the restaurant’s subtitle “The Cooking Place”.
  • Boma – Flavors of Africa — This restaurant is also located in Jambo House and features African-style cooking in a buffet setting. The selection features items from fifty different African countries. The restaurant was designed to resemble an open African marketplace. Food is prepared in view of diners in open cooking areas which allows for interaction between chefs, cooks, and patrons. Boma is a word in Swahili and several other African languages, meaning an enclosure, such as a fort or a livestock pen.




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