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“The process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal”

 The generation between the age of 5-17 are all about Social Media and the generation between 18-48 (and expanding) go to Social Media when traveling to find out where to eat, where to sleep, what to do, which airline to fly, the best all-inclusive Caribbean Resort, best cruise to take and so on.

Key Stats

As of June 2020, Eat Trade Travel has over 30,000 combined followers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We currently get 350,000 – 3,000,000+ views per month from our real interested audience around the world.


75% of our audience is based here in the USA, 5% in the UK, 5% in Canada, 2% Germany, 2% Mexico, 3% in Brazil and 2% in Japan, with the rest based around the world. Our unique audience is diversified and the highest concentration is between the ages of 24-54 with high disposable income.


People trust Social Media influencers over Celebrities. No one watches television commercials any more, even on YouTube, they press the “skip” button after 5 seconds when a commercial pops up. Everyone wants information immediately at the touch of a few buttons. They want to be told a story. You can get to know and build trust to any Social Media Influencer in the matter of minutes by cruising through their previous vlogs and blogs.

Which brings me to my next point. When we create a video and post to our blog, it will stay there forever (or a very long time) which means whenever someone is searching for that certain something, it is there, waiting with more views and more comments, giving it more value as time goes on.

What we do?

 We love working with brands and showcasing them in the most positive way on several social media platforms with Video’s, Photo’s and blogs.

    Clients Include:

Cruise Lines, Hotels/Resorts, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Land & Sea Tour Companies, Tourism Boards, clothing lines, shoe brands, sunglasses and cosmetics. It’s all about the details and presenting well in a short film, which in turn retains longer viewing time showcasing your products in our videos.

 Please do get in touch to discuss further about what we can do for you and your business. You can email me at


Thank you, Angela

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